Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 19, 2015 - Talisay, Cebu

Tropics.  Find the rainbow.
This week was good. We had splits on Thursday with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Knutson, who I've been in this zone with for 3 transfers. I like Elder Knutson, he's from Backwoods, Washington, a real eagle scout kind of guy, and he's kind of inspired in me again my desire to go into the Air Force. We'll see about that though. So far we've decided that I'll design the space plane, and he'll fly it.

Work was great, we met a retired police couple, who, despite telling us "We are very Catholic," Sister started tearing up when we gave her a restoration pamphlet. We returned to their house a few days later and were able to teach to just the husband, who told us he prayed that we would return. The spirituality of people here is so incredible. 

A lot of small things happened this week, I don't really have any big stories. Our Recent Convert, sister Sanibel, gave us a referral we are contacting tomorrow. What's big in the news is that we are working at circulating Books of Mormon. That is the latest thing that was taught to us by President, the miraculousness of the Book of Mormon, and the amount that we truly must be using it. I want to testify of that. We had a day this week we gave out two books to people who are going out to faraway places, far from the Church, and another to someone who we met by wandering around in a foresty area. It feels so good to be truly sharing the book of Mormon, because I know that it is from our God, and that that can't be denied.

Please be praying for our investigators, Brother Wilbert and Aaron and Sister Ella. They are on their way to baptism, and need help.

I love you,

Elder Dunford

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