Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 5, 2015 - Talisay, Cebu

An awful picture of the moon rising.
Brother Julito, a recent convert in Lawaan ward, and Elder Fuimaono

Well, this week was one week of work.

I just want to report some stuff from this last week. So we have been teaching since my first transfer here, the Diez family. They are the ones who live by the beach where we always have neat pictures. They are a part member family. Sister was baptised one year ago, and brother, though he has always known the missionaries, has never shown much desire, because busy. The family is very poor, and very problematic, which Sister would always share with us about. For months, I had never known Brother, I only knew he wan't exactly striving to be a holy man, from what his wife said. However, one day, about a month ago, we were headed for their house, when we saw a man outside. He called us over, "Brothers, sulod! (Come in)", and sat us down. He said he was the only one home, and really wanted to talk to us. This was the husband of sister. He talked to us really eagerly, saying how much he's seen a change in his wife, his mother-in-law, since they've become members, and wants that change too. He told us, "Elders, How many missionaries have I known, I've never really listened, but now you'll be the ones to baptise me." He showed forth fruits of this repentance. Next next Sunday, he came to Church with his wife and the kids who were with them, and we continued to teach them. The next sunday, which was now two sundays ago, He came all by himself. He said he had family business in the city, but he had to come to church first. We stopped by later at his house to teach him, and we planned to come back the next day. That next day, when we came by the house there was no one home. Some locals said that he had left, but they didn't know where. We found out that he had found work in Tacloban, and left for an indefinite amount of time so that he could support his family. My heart was broken, because I knew that was something they needed as well, but it was just so shocking. They had no cell phones, so we had no contact. We had lost this man, we thought. However, last sunday, Fast Sunday, we went back to their house to check up on his family. Sister was talking on a phone, and she told us Brother is planning to come back. He couldn't take being away. She handed me the phone, telling me he wanted to talk to me. This man told me that he was far from his family, and he had found the church over there, but it wasn't enough. The job was no good, either, so he was going to try all he could to get home by this saturday. 

This is an unfinished story, because that's where it ends, but It is just so humbling to see the Lord reach out to people reaching out to Him. It is humbling to be the mediator in this. This work is true. I know that. And I love you.

Elder Dunford

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