Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 12, 2015 - Talisay, Cebu

Yesterday I had another incredible experience. That's just Tuesdays for me.

This starts in the morning again. I had read a passage, a missionary-style chain letter, which has a man recalling experiences he had learned from his trainer. One of them really enlightened me. He explained D+C 50:21-22, That when an Elder teaches a gospel truth, and it is understood by the Spirit, both the preacher and the reciever understand, and are edified and rejoice together. And they explained this that when you teach and feel the spirit, that the person being taught also feels the Spirit, and that it we must help the person understand that what they are feeling is the Spirit.

We had a lesson with a man, the one I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, to whom we had taught about the priesthood. Yesterday was the first time we had been able to return. Brother Ely has been investigating the church, but not horribly seriously, saying he doesn't want to rush into anything. In our lesson yesterday, We first folloewed up on his reading and prayer about the priesthood. He said there was one night, he was lying outside, thinking about the things we had discussed, and he simply felt "happy." I explained to him that that was the spirit. That seemed to stop him in his thoughts a bit, he pondered that. We taught him about the Book of Mormon. I had been talking a lot about where it's from, about the prophets and how they taught the gospel in distant corners of the earth. Brother had talked about how great the love of God is. That He will always show us the way. So I explained to him that because of His great love, God has revealed this Book of Mormon, that we may know of Jesus Christ. Somewhat suddenly, Brother Ely started talking with a very different tone. He asked me,

 "Dunford, how long have you been here in the Philippines?" 

I answered, "About 15 months, Brother."

"And before you came here, you didn't know any Cebuano?"


Then Brother started choking on his words, grabbed my hand and said,

"I don't know how you did it, but you have helped me understand this." 

He had trouble saying much else. His eyes full of tears, he said to me, "You understand me. I've heard plenty of religions, I've always feared God, but I've never really understood. I'd hear of people having wonderful times at church, and I didn't understand. Even the missionaries that have come here before, I liked them, but there was something missing. But when you talk, I understand these things. You have helped me know, and understand. I don't know how, but I feel happy." He grabbed my hand again, looked into my eyes, and hugged me. This was one of the most incredible experiences. I know that this is of no credit to me. I can't understand my own thoughts half the time. I know that the Lord has reached out to my brother, Ely, and that He has a great plan for this man.

To follow up as well on last week, Wilbert came home. He will be baptised in the following weeks. He understands the gospel with all his heart, and I know he is a good friend of mine and Elder Fuimaono's.

I loved seeing you. I loved that talk. It felt very good. I love the Music of the Gospel talk. 


Elder Dunford

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