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April 28, 2015 - Talisay, Cebu

1 Nephi 8:7

1 Nephi 8:5-6
As I started typing out this email, it made me think of high school. At the end of every day, I'd get in the car and Mom would ask "How was your day?" and I'd say "It was good." Well;

This week was good. 

One. We had a baptism this week. The baptism of Sister Sanibel. This baptism is one of the most miraculous things to happen. Sister Sanibel's situation has presented many different challenges, but she has shown an absolute faithfulness in this restored gospel. She has been coming to church every single sunday since the first time she met the missionaries, for the last 4 months. Many people have helped her in her getting to this point, but she has gotten here, and I know she will stay. Also I want to testify of the revelation which President McCurdy has presented to our Cebu Mission, which is that there is a person prepared by the Lord to be baptised every month, by every companionship in our mission. I have seen that, and it is developing still for upcoming months here in Linao.

The baptism of Sister Sanibel, Hanzel, and Mescy.

Two. My Tuesdays are incredible. We have had the most incredible opportunity of finding people prepared to receive the restored Gospel. Just yesterday, we went to a return appointment we had made from the friday before. I wasn't expecting much, because our meeting this man last friday went as follows:

     Elder and I, standing outside a house, when a man popped his head out.

     Man: "Unsa may ato? (What is it?)"

     Me: "Mga missionaries me, sa the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

     Man: "Ah, medyo busy me karon. (We're kind of busy right now.)"

     Me: "Ah, sige, okay ra ba kon mobalik me sa Tuesday, sa hapon? (Ok, is it okay if we come back on Tuesday Afternoon?)"

     Man: "Pwede lang, brad, salamat. (Yeah, sure, thanks.)"

Then we came back yesterday, and when we showed up on his door yesterday, he invited us in, and started asking questions. Not in an offensive way, not in a defensive way, but curiously. And the questions he asked, every one, followed perfectly the course of the Message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He asked, we answered, and he asked the next principle. It was incredible to see, and brother said that he would try to ask if God has called a prophet again to guide us as in days of old.

Just before that, we taught a man whose wife is a member, though she hasn't been active for 20 years. Her husband has shown a great interest though, and yesterday we taught about the Restoration of the priesthood. One of the spiritual feelings I felt happened in that lesson. As we taught, he asked, Did God the Father actually exist before the earth was made, before the universe? I testified to him, yes that He did, and not only that, but that you existed there with him. I felt the spirit so strangely, as though the spirit was literally reaching from eternity to now, to tell both me and him that this was true. Brother said he will definitely ask again to know if Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God.

And Last Night, we had a visit with the Teves family, where Brother is not a member, but Sister is a RM. They told us of their experience in Cagayan de Oro, where they were in a massive flood. We taught from Alma 5:47-62. We invited to brother to pray about the Date June 20 for his baptism. He told us he would, and that he was confident he will recieve an answer. Please keep these people in your prayers. They need it.

I love you. I know the Lord uses his children to do a work. It's not the most efficient way, but he's patient. I look forward to commune with thee.

Elder Dunford

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