Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 22, 2015 - Kamputhaw, Cebu

This week we met a new man. His name is Rene. He has been a member since he was young. He was been inactive for a few years now, but he joined the ward Christmas party on Thursday, where he walked up to Elder Wayne and said, "Elder, I'm going to work with you." Since Saturday, every day he's worked with us, came to Church for the first time in a while, and has been super diligent. He talks to people, teaches them, and loves doing missionary work. We've talked to him a few times about serving a mission, because he's 23 now. He said when he was 20, he applied, but was turned down because of his health condition, and around that time as well was when he stopped going to church. Now he's planning on going active. Last night he was working with us, and we were visiting an active family, when brother had a seizure. We found out that that is is health condition. It made me think about Grandpa, how debilitating it is to be epileptic. Even though you're fine pretty much all the time, you are unable to do the things you want to, like serve a mission, in Rene's case. I talked to him about that a little bit last night as we were walking home, and he was glad to hear too that Grandpa lived to a nice, old age. I am glad to have the opportunity to help Rene to serve in any way possible.

Yesterday, we were in an area we go to often. We have a progressing investigator there. Our investigator has told us that a lot of her neighbors don't like us, and have been trying to get her to stop listening to the Mormons. So yesterday we were there, and I stopped along the way and was helping a man hammer together a gate that he was building at his house. A middle aged woman and a little boy walked by us, and the boy acted like he was going to high five us or something, when the woman grabbed him and said under her breath "No get away, they're bad." As they walked away, I got up and introduced ourselves real kindly. She answered real kindly, too, and started to explain herself, "I was just telling the kid that he shouldn't play with the boys outside, because they fight a lot." We continued on our way, and I realised what just happened there. We are breaking down barriers. Right after we gave a Pentecostal guy a Book of Mormon. I like being a missionary.

I have been learning a lot of my weaknesses, and looking for ways to overcome them. Elder Wayne is good. He is a good friend to me.

Love you. See you on Friday.

Elder Dunford

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