Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 2, 2015 - Kamputhaw, Cebu

I felt a lot of thankfulness this week. Seriously, I feel like that is an attribute that has really hit me a lot, and not just because of the turkey.

So you know, there are turkeys here, but no one eats them. I don't know what they do with them.

I have so much to say, it's basically just a ton of stuff I'm thankful for. I'll start with yesterday. Yesterday we had MLC, and all of my true batch was there, Me and Elder Crandall, Elder Job and Elder Ioane. If you turn back your inbox two years ago, you'll remember that we sang I Need Thee Every Hour in Cebuano at the departing devotional at the MTC. Well I've had this in mind for about a year, and yesterday was the last time all our batch would be in one big meeting together, so we sang it again. I Need Thee Every Hour, two verses in Visaya, and the last in English. It was so good. The feeling I felt was this gratitude for our missions. Gratitude for the stuff we've learned, the growth we've made, and that us, our batch made all this growth together. I love them so much. 

I went on Exchanges, as you saw in the picture, on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is not a recognised holiday here, but I thought it was a cool chance to work with Elder Taylor. He's been out for about four weeks now, and so in our last lesson, we taught a part member family, and I felt like we should teach about gratitude. Elder Taylor's testimony about this was the coolest, and I was grateful to work with him on that day.

And Last, my companion. He is so good. He is working so hard. He has lost himself in the work, and I love him so much. He only thinks of others, our zone, and how to help them. I love him, and I'm grateful for him.

And I'm grateful for you. Love you,

Elder Dunford

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