Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 9, 2015 - Talisay City, Cebu

This week we had two baptisms, and this upcoming Friday, we have another. The work is progressing onward ever onward. On last Friday, we had District Leaders' Council, Where all the DL's gathered at the mission and were taught, where I learned a lot. But Again, I have a story to tell from my Tuesday. My Tuesdays always have something significant happen. I think it's so it's fresh in my mind when I email.

But this week, we've been focusing on Studying from PMG Ch 4, which is Understanding the Spirit. Yesterday, on Tuesday morning, Elder Fuimaono and I studied from the section called "Relying on the Spirit." You can get what that's about. But before we left , I was feeling kind of not good, there were some things that I had done wrong that morning. So before we walked out to leave, I prayed by myself that even though I did things wrong, that I'd still be able to do what the Lord needs of me. We got ready to go, and as we were walking out the door, I remembered that I wanted to drop by an investigator to invite them to a ward activity this weekend. So we set our plans back an hour and went to that investigator, even though we weren't supposed to go back till Friday. As we got up to his house, he called us in, and told us he was so glad to see us. He was feeling very depressed the last few days, and said that just that time, he was praying to the Lord "for something." Then we showed up. It was a very sweet experience, we read 1 Ne17:13-15, then 1-3. He asked us if we were happy, something he asked before (Mom has given me much practice answering this question.) And the best part is at the end, I told him that "a wise man told me whereever you are in this world, look for the church. It is a place of peace and protection." And we invited him to come to church. He's always told us that he was waiting for time when he would really want to come to church, not just becuase someone told him to. I feel like right not is that time. Please pray for him.

I love you.

Elder Dunford

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