Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 17, 2015 - Talisay City, Cebu

I found 1 Nephi 8 in it's fulness across the street from our apartment, including iron rod, tree, and Great and Spacious building.

This week has been a very interesting week of work. Elder Gunting, Madriaga and I have started to figure out a little bit what we are doing a bit better now. At first, it threw us off a little how to have all our things, especially considering in a lot of things we are planning for our individual areas, but we've gotten things taken care of a bit better. The last few days, we've quite frequently been able to get a member to work with us, a recent convert of Lawaan, Julito. He is 19 years old, was baptised in January and has known about the church for about 3 months at this point, but he is incredibly fiery. He loves learning, he loves sharing the gospel. As in every day, he wants to work with us, because of what he learns. After we returned home yesterday, he sent me a text saying that it is a bit hard for him, but that he would be glad to continue working because he is truly learning a lot. So this is continuing to be an incredibly humbling experience, as I see his faith. The good news is, we have been able to continue the work in both Lawaan and Linao areas almost daily. 

Me, Elder Gama (who goes home this april!), Elder Jacobs (who I don't really know, but he's from South OC.) and Elder Montano, my companion in Escalante!

I worked with Elder Madriaga on Monday, after District meeting in Linao. I love this missionary, he is very diligent and very dignified. He carries his purpose with weight, which I mean in a good way, that he has power. We had a lesson at the very end of the day, an contacted referral we received from FTEing their neighbor, and the investigator was exactly like the practice teaching we had earlier, where I portrayed a very interested person, knowledgeable in the bible, but willing to learn. It was great, because we were able to use the pamphlet, just as we had practiced.

I love Elder Gunting.  He has carried always the most positive attitude, he shared in our Weekly planning that he wants to take these changes as blessings. He truly is excited to see what he can learn, and that made me so happy and humbled and blessed to hear, because I truly felt his love in accomodating to these circumstances. I love my companions. I am so blessed to have them.

I read in 3 Nephi chapters 1-4 today. I saw a very interesting cycle, of wickedness turning rightous at the sign of Christ's coming, turning wickedness again as hearts were hardened and robbers started fighting the people. But that the Lord took the righteousness that was left and said "Y'all need to repent, or you will die." (3 Ne 3:15) And the people repented, and they defeated evil, and they rejoiced in the glory of the Lord. 3 Ne 4:29-33 Is now one of my favorite things I have read. I highlighted it yellow, which I have recently started doing for scriptures where you people testify, or behold, or if I even just felt the glory of the Lord while reading it. In these chapters I read of people who were chastened and turned into strong Saints of the Lord because they lived the gospel.

I love you, family. I love the support you give us. Thank you for your prayers. I feel them. 


Elder Dunford

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