Monday, March 16, 2015

March 11, 2015 - Talisay City, Cebu

The word in Cebuano for "hello" is:

There actually is no word for hello. There are words such as "kumusta!" which means conditional how, like "how" are you, which is sometimes used as greeting. Maayong Buntag (odto, hapon, gabii, kaadlawon) means Good Morning (noon, afternoon, evening, midnight), is used a lot by me, but it's kind of weird if you say it a ton while walking around, it sounds like you're trying to sell "hapon." Or you can just call out to a person you want to talk to by calling them "dong" if they're male and younger than you, "day (long 'i' sound)" if younger female, "kuya (koo-yuh)" or "sir" for older man, "ate (ah-tey)" or "maam" for a older woman, and that. But yeah, that's my dissertation on greetings in the Visayas. 

Splits. Me and my Aaronic Priesthood kuyogs (companions), Stewart and Ethan riding in a tricycle.

Bad moon rising

On Sunday, we went on Splits with YSA Ward missionaries, members, and Aaronic Priesthood as well! I had tree people with me, Mark (known as long hair), and two youths, Stewart and Ethan. Elder Espiritu worked with Frabe and Archie, the brother of Mark long hair. Elder Espiritu found a ton of new investigators in our area of Pooc, while me and my crew were "punted" around, we finally made one visit after a lot of walking. But it was a great thing to see, seeing how I never once worked with missionaries before the mission, while all of these just wanted to. One of our Teachers, Stewart, is a fabulous member, as we passed a ton of his classmates and he introduced us to a lot of people we could teach, and then we all met at the house of Frabe and his dad, the 2nd counselor in the bishopric, for food. it was nice.

Baptism of Caroline Pasay, with Me, sister Carla, the mom of Caroline, and Elder Espiritu!

Look up the Restoration pamphlet if you want to know the significance of this picture. Someone has to deal with the goats as well.

I mainly just want to say how wonderful it's been to be with Elder Espiritu. He is a very creative person. He studied art, and wants to go far with that, and his mind simply works in a creative way. He would teach a lot using stories and symbols to help understanding, and knows his scriptures very well. And he is very loving. He showed me a very large amount of love and appreciation, and is overall an exceedingly positive person concerning others. Even if we'd have a lesson with someone who you may consider "gahi" (hard), he knew what was good about them. I learn a lot from him.

Me and Elder Espiritu

I love you, family. I know you love me. I love this mission and this work. I love the Lord. I know he's prepared me to do what he needs me to do, and that he's done that for every one of us. If we listen to the Spirit, he will literally tell us exactly what we need to do. And He needs us to do that. 


Elder Dunford

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