Monday, March 16, 2015

February 24, 2015 - Talisay City, Cebu


This was a good week! But the bad thing is it's the end of the Transfer, and Elder Tolentino has been here for 3 transfers now, so he's out! I'll really miss him. I really like Elder Tolentino because he's really fun and he's really a good missionary. He's one of those people where you can say "he knows his purpose as a missionary." Before, I was never quite sure what that really meant, but I see it in Elder Tolentino. I love him, and am glad to have served with him. 

But my new Companion is Elder Espiritu! Transfer day is tomorrow, so we'll start then, but I've already met him! He is really cool too and I'm really excited to get to know Elder Espiritu.

A lot of things happened, Our Baptismal Candidate, Sister Caroline was interviewed. She is a daughter of a returning member who was never baptised, so now at the age of 10 she is being baptised. This Saturday! That's exciting.

I went on splits with our kabalay (Housemate), Elder Gunting (which means scissors) on Thursday. That was neat. I always like going on splits to see different styles of work, different missionaries.

Talisay Zone

We taught a returning member last night who's gone to a lot of different paths in her life, and has just recently returned to the Gospel. She has an incredibly personal testimony. But we taught about light because she talked about how she felt she was in the darkness, but even the smallest phosphoro (match) can fill a dark room with light. and it really just kind of fell on me as I spoke to her, how we are all given the light of christ, who ever we are, whatever religion we are, and we need to follow that light forever. We must follow the light that we have been given. Basically always do what is right, and if we find something new that has more light, we take it. If we do that we will grow closer to the perfect day, when we shall see that the light always was, whereever we were, no matter where it came from, it was always Christ. He was always there. 

I've really been learning a lot. I've been realizing a lot more lately that I have been learning a lot. I don't mean to be saying this that I'm really good, but I've been learning. I know that God is God all powerful, and that he's our Father. And I know that he has a perfect plan for us. And if we fulfill that which we know from him, then he will give us more. Meaning, if we are born in this earth knowing nothing of God, but we know what's right, and we do that, God will reveal himself unto us. Not that he'll show himself to us, but he'll tell us what more we need to do. And we keep progressing. Until the point that we will be at his feet, and he will raise us up, through His son, Jesus Christ.

Love you always. Striving to get there.

Elder Dunford

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