Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 3, 2015 - Toledo City, Cebu

Kalag-kalag! Directly translated, it means, Soul-soul! November 1, called "Kalag-kalag" is perhaps one of the most celebrated holidays here, above Easter and Christmas, really. Maybe I just say that because the city cemetery is in our area, and they had the place dressed up like a fiesta with people selling food and trinkets and candles and gambling, and half the branch was unable to get to church on time because of traffic, but All Souls' Day or All Saints' Day or whatever it is, is one of the biggest days of the year here. Everybody travels to their ancestral home, their province, visits the grave of their kindred dead, and joins together with family and friends. It's not really got the Mexican Day of the Dead motif, it's more just a holiday.

This week is Transfer Week. And I have been here in Toledo for 4 months, and loved it so much. Unfortunately, it's time to go. Aw, sad. It seriously has been a really short time for me. But, I'm transferring to Kamputhaw Ward, Cebu City Stake! My ward is literally across the street from the temple. I never thought I'd actually get the chance to work in that area, but I am! Hooray! I am super excited to see the temple on a daily basis.

Since last wednesday, I've been to Cebu and back twice. Once was going with the new senior couples, the Cannons. They have been in Toledo for about a month, and we've been working with them a lot. On Thursday, we drove with them to Cebu City, because it was their first time, and they wanted us to show them the way. We drove the way that goes high over the mountains. Sister Cannon loved that (seriously). We stayed there through Friday Morning. While we were in the city, we had a temple session, tracted with the AP's, ate at President's house, and went around Filipino Costco (literally, a copy of costco, down to the pizza.) Then on Tuesday, yesterday, I went with Elder Omugtong and Elder Fuimaono to the temple. I'll copypaste the letter I wrote to Gma Joan, it's about the things I learned there.

I love Toledo, and I'll miss it. I'll miss the zone, I love them so much. I love this work.

Elder Dunford

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