Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July 28, 2015 - Toledo, Cebu, Philippines

Hello, good day, how are you? I am well.

Toledo is super cool. have I told you, we have a brand new Branch Mission Leader. It's his first calling, and it's fun working with him, because he's super well-known amongst the people in his area. It's fun, because we get to help him a bit with his duties in his calling, but it'll be fun to work with him and see him grow. 

Toledo is a little big city right in the middle of the city of Cebu, the island of Negros, and the middle of nowhere. So sometimes, we've got some areas that are really crowded city-like areas, but then all of a sudden, we'll be walking on top of a hill or in the middle of Corn fields. That's pretty much just what it's like in the Philippines, but more fun.

The people are so happy. I feel weird talking about the Filipino people. It's like a quote from President Benson, He said "I feel I can relate so very well to the elderly, because I am one of them." I feel that way with Filipinos. Even though I'm so obviously not one of them, They accept me, because I try to be like them. That's the way they are. If you try to be one of them, and if you try to show them Christ like attributes, they will accept you as one of their own. It's a wonderful place to serve a mission for that reason.

So I've been learning how to gain and show Christ like attributes. My companion has helped me so much, he is wonderful. My former Companion, Elder Pascua, who I am a house mate with and worked with this week, has helped me so much. I cannot satisfactorily express how I feel about the Filipino to you, but I can tell you, I love them. 

And I love you. Thanks for your prayers always. I love 3 Nephi 19. I pray we can have an experience that glorious.

Elder Dunford.

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