Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 26, 2015 - Toledo, Cebu

This week has been so cool.
Elder Consigna almost rode this carabao (not caribou), but defered. It was very kind. I'm telling you, the earth has already reached its paradisiacal glory here in the Visayas.

It was transfer week, for one! And since Toledo has a barge going to San Carlos, we have to of missionaries that agi (make their way) though here, so I had to get that all saboted with the other ZoneLeaders on Wednesday night to make sure that we had everyone going in the right direction. It was fun to then see the plan all come into place on Thursday. It was cool.
Actually that phrase kind of ruled this week, having a plan fall into place. For example, we visited the Peralta family last week, who are a semi-less active family. They pretty much all that it had been a long time since they had read the scriptures, so we taught about studying ,and invited them to that. Then yesterday, we returned, and they had all studied! which was neat. their next assignment is FHE.
Me and Brother Jimmy.He was called to be our BML just last month. He is such a humble, kind man, who fulfills his priesthood responsibility with dignity. We've been working with him a lot.

We have been visiting the YW president, a 22 yo student. She's the only one active in her family, and she's only recently reactivated. but we've been helping her help her family, then yesterday, we visited her, and asked her if we could share to the guy at their house. She then bira-ed him into the lesson (dragged). That was nice.
Me and Elder Pascua, sending him off to Dumaguete!

Yesterday also, we were also walking around a field (with that carabao), when we saw a lady walking with her kids home from school.I said, "Let's talk to her." It turns out her husband's whole family is members, but haven't been to church in years! So we kuyog-ed (went with) them to their house and got to know them all.
On Saturday, we had a baptism! Jorene is the son of Maryjane, who was baptised a few weeks ago. He is the funniest kid, because he talks to us the same way his mom talks to us. If we ask him "Jorene why do we need prophets, what if there were no prophets?" He'll answer "Importante man gud ang propeta oi, kun wala man na sila, oh, wa na, patay nalang ta." Which is funny to hear.
 Elder Consigna, Maryjane and Jorene, her son, Vincent, Me, and Brother Jimmy, our Branch mission Leader, above. Jorene and Vincent are being baptised.

And Vincent is super kuyaw (different), too. He loves the scriptures, and he wants to share to us, too, the things he learned. And all things he says to us, it's always quoting the New Testament. Once he asked us, "Brother, I have a question. The Baptism of John, whence was it, of heaven or of men?" I answered him laughing, Of heaven, Vincent. I love these people.
Love you too. I want to be here so bad. I love the Lord.
Elder Dunford.


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