Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 7, 2015 - transfer to Toledo, Cebu

Last day in Linao, the kids make up the craziest "toys" here.
Today I rode in a car from Cebu City, where the temple is, on a road that goes directly across the island to Balamban, then to our area in Toledo. Find that road on a map. It climbs directly on top of Cebu City, then stays on a really high ridgeline all the way across to the other shore. The views were incredible, and I just wanted to tell you that because I have no pictures of the event. 
Talisay Zone elders at the Bus Terminal on Transfers.

So for this week, I have had a blast! First it started with transferring to Toledo, where I rode in a pickup truck with other missionaries heading to Negros. Then we ended up in Toledo, where I met my companion! I have loved being able to work with Elder Consigna, from Davao City. He is such a good missionary. His teaching skills and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing. He is a super funny guy, and is a really good friend. And I know he will be able to help me so much at this time.
Elder Consigna in the hills of Toledo.

Toledo is cool, it's like unto a modern day Logan in size, there's a few big stores, and a perfectly comfortable city, just kind of in the middle of nowhere. But it's different, in that rather than a very small airport, there's a very small port (Really it's just a single dock), with ferries that go to San Carlos, just across the sea. So in the last week I've been here, there's been a lot of missionaries crossing from Negros to Cebu through the port, and we have to been there to sugat (meet) them. 
We found an empty door hewn out of the rock.
From Monday to this morning, I've been in Cebu City for meetings. I know the Gospel is true, because revelation tells me so.

I love you all.

Elder Dunford

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