Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 14, 2015 - Toledo City, Cebu

This Week has been awesome! (Yay, positivity!)

No but for reals, it's been really cool. On Saturday, we had an interview for sister Mary Jane, an investigator of the Elders for a few months now. She, along with her little daughter Glosa Mae are to be baptised this Saturday! Sister's husband is to follow pretty shortly as well, the only reason he's not being baptised this week is because he works at Carmen Copper Corperation, a big old Kennecott-style mine in the mountains, and his schedule doesn't allow him to get to church most of the time. 

On Sunday, I was able to work with Elder Pascua for about an hour, while his companion, Elder Obero, was interviewing sister Glosa Mae. It was really fun to work again with my old companion of 4 months, and see the changes that had occurred in the both of us. We taught an investigator, Brother Vincent, a 19 year old who has now been to church about 3 times. He already has a Book of Mormon he's been reading, and he asked for a Bible as well, and he was so excited when we brought it. It's really funny to see the true love people have for the Lord and his word here, you just run into so many people who honestly want to talk about God. It's a pleasure to bring the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

Yesterday, up till now, I went on exchanges with the elders in Balamban 1 Branch, whose area is in the town of Astorias(, Oregon). Their situation is rather like unto Ayungon, where they've been struggling to grow and become an independent group, and the area reminded me of Ayungon a little bit. But I loved working there with Elder Samson, from Davao City. He's a super serious, super focused missionary. By the end of the day, we had talked to so many people and taught so many lessons, I was really surprised by the numbers from the day. And I had a great time working with him.

This morning, I had something in my mind I wanted to read about. It was about the Lord's deliverance of Israel. I read in Jeremiah 16, where the Lord tells Israel, "You will be scattered because you have forsaken me, but I will send fishers and hunters to find you." Then in Zechariah 12-13, It talks about the Israelites fighting at Jerusalem at a future time, when they will be strengthened by the Lord, and he will appear to them. Zech 13, 

6 And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

In D&C 45:47-53, it explains what will happen there a bit more clearly. I learned here that there will come a time when Christ shall come as our Savior and we will realise who he is, what we did for him, and what he did for us. It is our duty to work for him now, so that we can fulfill his promise.

I liked this week. It's been rather desertly, dryly hot this week, after it was raining daily last week. I love you. 

Elder Dunford

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