Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 8, 2014 - Ayungon, Negros Oriental

Because last transfer, the whole mission went to Cebu to hear from Elder Bowen of the Seventy, we had no zone conference. So this was President McCurdy's first zone conference that he's had as our president. And it was a great meeting, for one because all four of my MTC batch elders were there, including Elder Ioane, who I haven't seen since I went out to Escalante. But of course the teachings of President McCurdy was the highlight.

 One thing he really focused on is individuality. First of all, President McCurdy is one of the most absolutely loving, lovable people. He's a little old, and a little odd. In contrast to President Schmutz, who was always very proper and refined, Pres McCurdy can be a little bit of a goofball, in a very personable way. He introduced this by his "personality tie" he was wearing, which from the pulpit, looked like a red and yellow patterned tie, but the pattern, he showed, was tiny tessalated Winnie the Pooh's. He didn't expound much on that, but to say that we have a responsibility to serve the Lord on the mission. People may be different and have different way of going about their lives, different ways of fulfilling their responsibilities, but we need to fulfill that responsibility. He said something to the effect of "I may not be what people might expect of a mission president, but I'm going to keep wearing my Pooh Bear tie." The main part of his teaching was about repentance, and it was all very connected, but I really just want to say how wonderful of people the McCurdy's are. And we still have interviews with him this transfer! yay!

Transfers were when I got Elder Pascua, I just forgot to write it the day before the transfer happened. So I still have two more weeks to this transfer, though I'll be here in Ayungon for a while longer, hopefully! I truly love this area, and these people. We've had a few different opportunities this week where we have just tracted around areas, looking for people. And they are here. I know we are guided by the Lord, and that he prepares people. And I am so thankful for Elder Pascua. He is a great missionary. The other day, as we were coming home from Dumaguete, He was standing in the middle of the bus and teaching some people about things, while the rest of the missionaries were all sitting in the back. They were all talking about how good he is, "ooh, who's his companion?" Not really. I am really just grateful for him. I am able to learn so much from him, and I love him.


Elder Dunford

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