Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 15, 2014 - Ayungon, Negros Oriental

My batch at Zone Conference in Dumaguete last week. (We've spent quite a bit of time in Dumaguete the last two weeks.)
This week was very big, a lot of things happened. On Friday, we had splits with the zone leaders, I was with Elder Young this time. Elder Young is so good. He is pretty close now to the end of the mission, and he is one of those super kind, loving kind of people. They really helped us out. But they also gave us some stupid riddle games like that "I'm going around the world to (blank), where are you going? blank. Oh, you can't come." I don't like those games. 

Some of the original Escalante Zone, at Zone Interviews in Dumaguete on Monday.

This Monday, we went to Dumaguete for Zone Interviews, with President McCurdy. We had just gone to Dumaguete last week, but it was nice to be back in the big city. But as we hopped on the bus, I was standing in the back when I heard a familiar voice call "Elder Dun!" It was Sister Cristina, the recent convert who was supposed to go to Quezon a few weeks ago. She ended up not going, which I knew, but on Monday, she was moving to Cebu for work. So I was incredibly lucky that I was able to talk to her on the bus for a while. She has just such an incredible and sincere testimony. She said that as she was waiting for the bus, she was praying for a way that she would be able to see us, because she never was able to say a proper goodbye, and she was so happy that Heavenly Father answered her prayer. I know that that truly was simply an answer to her prayer. 
The Zone at conference

 Elder Pascua I and the Austin's and Anderson's at Tanjay for Saturday session of Conference. It was Elder Pascua's birthday! Guess how old he is.
At Zone Interviews, I wasn't feeling too great, but it was such a great rest to me to hear the words of my leader and to talk with them personally. I really just know that President and Sister McCurdy have been called of God.
Us and Sister McCurdy
Some of the Bindoy saints at Sunday Conference.

And Conference, day! On Saturday, we ended up going to Tanjay, because in Bindoy, they only had it in Cebuano! But of course, it was incredible. On Sunday, we just watched it in Cebuano na lang, which was interesting. As I really focused, I really could understand everything. However, if I didn't really focus, it was hard to keep in there. But I really loved the message of Pres. Eyring. I love that man. He is so humbly a man of God, and I love how he always talks about his roots in NJ. I downloaded the sunday sessions, so I'll listento them properly later.
I love you all.
Elder Adam Dunford

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