Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 1 - Ayungon, Negros Oriental

That graphic quote actually follows something we kind of focused on in a lesson yesterday. We were teaching a part-less active couple, the Sablans, Tatay Puro and Nanay Gamay (Their nicknames together, "Puro Gamay", means "all of them are small." It's kind of hard to explain the translation in English, but it's funny in Visayan). The Sablans are formerly empty-nesters, as one of their grandchildren lives with them. But Sister Sablan recently went to the temple with the Bindoy Branch temple trip, while tatay Sablan used to be very active in the church, he has recently returned to his mga viscio (vices) and has been rather not-active. Just yesterday we were able to visit them after a couple of weeks where we weren't able to visit them. It was a really interesting lesson. I have really seen in our lessons with him the doctrine that when one rejects the word of God, the portion of knowledge that is given them is taken away. He has forgotten many simple things. He said he prayed often that he may be far from temptation, but he's still weak. But yesterday's lesson was really interesting, because I said to him something like unto that quote, that it is a true doctrine of Christ that when we follow his commandments, we gain his power. Brother Sablan answered "I used to know all about that. About the doctrine, about the gospel." The started talking all about this, how he used to be active in the church, and how he was able to lose the drinking and the chew before by actively staying away from it, how he used to work with the missionaries. He really reminisced about all this, how this was good. He said that it couldn't be the same now, he couldn't work with the missionaries because he has high blood (pressure), that things were a bit different now. But we told him that if he follows the commandments of God, he can gain the power of God. The specific commandment we gave them was that they pray in their family daily. If they follow this, they will have help. They will have hope.

So this last monday at District meeting, it was announced to us that President McCurdy has had a revelation, and that all of Negros Island would have conference on Thursday (tomorrow) in Dumaguete. We are anxiously awaiting that, as well as Gen Con. First of all, I can't believe it's already been 6 months' time, and Second, I am so excited. We aren't watching conference until next week, it gets reshowed a week later around these parts (since we're ahead in time.) But last conference was so good. It was so refreshing, (makahupay, is the word I want to use, which means it can bring rest.) I just love the testimony that conference is that we have the Spirit of God, the spirit of prophecy on earth.

Thank you always for your help. I know I pretty much only talked about the Sablans, but I love them. I love the people here. I know that this is a true work. I can't imagine what it would be like to leave this place.  I know that what I am doing here is not for myself. I am not here to learn for myself, but to teach.


Elder Adam

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