Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 2, 2014 - Escalante City, Negros Occidental

WOW 6 months in the mission.  Six months since I first heard what this Cebuano actually is, and all that stuff. I can't believe it. It's a whole deal about mission time, how it is like  wow, super fast, but it feels like it's been a forever, and time is just incomprehensible here. But I've also now been in Escalante 3 months, for half of my mission I've been here. Lawaan seems so long ago, like it wan't even real. 
We were walking back from the Tagulabo house, a less active family. Most of the family actually lives in Bacolod most of the time and only return home every once in a while. But Tatay and his son, Ronel, and cousins live at the house, and we've been able to teach to them, and they're all really nice and good, but they're super ulaw (shy), and since it's been dugay nga wala sila nakasimba (a while since they've gone to church), they said they're shy to go back. But last week, Ronel and his cousin came to church! And the other day, when we went on splits, Elder Montano was able to teach to Tatay and family, and he said they were really able to help him understand why we need to take the Sacrament and come to church weekly, and that Tatay said that he would bring his whole family to church this week, because they'll be home from Bacolod this weekend! So we are really excited about this, just the growth that we've been able to see take place. But yeah, this picture was taken near their house, and it had rained hard that morning so the crick was flowing over.

I have yet to meet President McCurdy, though this week is the first Zone conference, so the ZL's are all in Cebu being ministered unto, and tomorrow they'll teach us all the new things.

This was almost a good picture, but it didn't quite focus on the flowers.

(In light of 4th of July this week, I had asked Adam if there were any remembrances of WWII in his area of the Philippines. ~trina)
There's few people left here who lived during the war. There's a tatay in the branch who was born in 1945, i think he said, so just afterwards. Probably the biggest hold over is just the "hey joes" and salutes I get. I have to try hard sometimes to not return a salute, because that probably wouldn't be the best image. 

The baptism last week of Sister Blezil! Her mom and sisters were able to come to the baptism, and though it was kind of small, it was really nice, too. The aunt of sister Blezil, who is an RM from Calatrava was able to come too, and she was at her confirmation the next day as well. I can't express how good of a thing this is for her. I just know that this is really opening doors for her family and for all sorts of people. I know this is true.

The other day we went on splits. Elder Montano worked with Brother Leonardo, and I worked with Brothers Cris and Bobby, branch missionaries. We just split to be able to reach out to more people and areas, but it was a really interesting experience, to deal with the challenge of leading lessons. But one thing that I've really been trying to refocus on and practice is really just trusting in the Spirit for what I teach.  I was really focusing on listening to the people, and focus on them, only them, and not thinking of what to say, what's going on or anything. Just focus on the people. Focus on their needs. Have that desire and that love for the people we visit, to help them. To want to help them in the way our Father would have us help them. It's still a little hard if I don't know what to say and people start talking about how I'm struggling with the language, and it's like "It's not the language that's the problem, I just don't know what to say!" But I know that If we do trust in God, he will help us. If we do just keep talking to people, that we'll be covered, and we can start to actually do good. If we show our care for them, they will know we love them. That we will do anything for them. 


Elder Dunford.

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