Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014 - Escalante City, Negros Occidental

The little kids that live on our street always call out to me "Hey Superman!" I don't feel like it's entirely good, but I can see it.
So I've still got those pictures from last week I promised, so here they are. This was in Dumaguete, where all the Cebu missionaries on Negros had the farewell conference for President Schmutz.

Last Picture with President and Sister Schmutz

(This week's letter was all answers to questions ! and pictures - trina)

Me:  When is your new Mission president coming?
Elder Dunford:  President McCurdy arrives on June 29, we have been told, so wala pa (not yet). We're down to the last few days of President Schmutz's rule.
Several of us packed into the back of an air con Ceres bus from Dumaguete to San Carlos. 
Me:  How is the new elder in your apartment?
Elder Dunford:  Elder Omugtong is Elder Jamil's new companion. He's really bright and nice, and is really strong in Tagalog and English, but his Cebuano is really small, because there's no language training at the Manila MTC, so I've been able to help him a bit with that (ha.) 

A Football!

Me:  How are you doing?  You look thinner.
Elder Dunford:  I'm fine healthwise, why just last night I had a very nice balut, so I'm eating fine. And just yesterday Brother Walter (Branch mission leader) said I was looking a bit tambok (fat), so It's probably just the camera. 

We were walking around some fields in Mocabog when we came up to this house that had two huge mango trees, one of which was felled by Bagio Yolanda (typhoon haiyan) Elder Montano stands at the roots for comparison.

Me:  I asked him what the food was in a picture.  It looked fried and was served with ketchup.
Elder Dunford:  Honestly, I don't know what that fried thing was. I think It may have been like a pork chop or something. But yeah, anything fried here is eaten with ketchup. But it's not tomato ketchup. It's banana ketchup. It's weird, and sweet, and not naturally red. I'm adapting.

 Saging payong (banana umbrella) We were teaching at the house of Sister Blezil, an investigator (who is to be baptized this Saturday!) when it started pouring rain. And I forgot my umbrella, so we got some banana leaves for the purpose. Although, the moment we stepped out of her house, the skies cleared, which was okay, too.

One thing that we've worked with here is the strength of the branch. We've discussed a lot, and need to help more with the branch president and auxiliaries of the importance of meetings and of making sure that things follow their proper order. It's an interesting and a different challenge, since I've never really been in a PEC or ward council. But the main thing is just teaching that this is the Lord's way.  This is the Lord's way, and we have his counsel, his guidance, and his help as we follow him. It really comes down to these same principles that are all that we have to teach.

Me and the Langa family (family of sister Blezil, though she is not pictured here.) They were a referral to us because Sister Grethel was baptized a few years ago in Calatrava, but she came to live here with the Langa family, and hasn't been active since then. So we've been able to teach to this family and they are super good. They're all really bright and receptive and kind, but mom and dad and brother are often away working and Sister Blezil is the only one left at the house. But in our second visit with them, we followed up on her prayer, asking of the truth of the Restoration. She said with great conviction that she had received an answer, and since then has shown great faith and desire to learn. It is really good to see this. So last Saturday we went to her house and she was interviewed, and will be baptized this Saturday! This was a good experience, too, because we had some good time to really sit down and talk with Sister Langa and her family, and they want to learn, too. She have been able to see this brightness in her daughter, and knows that it is good (see Alma 32:28). I know that they will be able to receive this gospel, all of this little family.
Yesterday I read Matthew 5, as that celestial law, the way to live as Christ lives. I still always love verse 14. I love how in 3 Nephi 12, he says "I give unto you to be the light of this people" But to his disciples in Galilee, he said Ye are the light of the world. There is no JST or footnote to 3 Ne. These disciples were to be the light of the world. THey were to go out and establish Christendom. They were to write the New Testament, which would testify through ages of Christ. It was through this light that the world learned of Christ, and that His church was able to be brought back up in these last days. We have this example to follow.

I love you, and thank you always. Escalante is the place to be. It's a happy little town, I like it here.


Elder Dunford

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