Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014 - Escalante City, Negro Occidental

We went back to the Beach we went to my first transfer here. We played frisbee, volleyball, and a somewhat decent game of beach football, with a bit of explaining of the whole everything of football..
Dear Family,

This week has been my last in Escalante. I've been here for 4 months, and only one of the original Cebu Missionaries in Escalante Zone is left now. It's been a blast.

Last week, the Escalante Zone.
I want to answer your question of the music, because it's one of my favorite. Music is really big (and really loud) here, of all kinds. Karaoke bars are really big, and basically whereever you are at night, you can here someone singing on a very blown-out, loud-speaker karaoke machine. The other that's fun is the music from jeepneys. There's not that many jeepneys out here in the provinces, but in the city, the streets are just full of remixed up, beat-boxed versions of any kind of music, from Electric Avenue to Miley Cyrus. Now this may sound rather obnoxious and annoying, which it can be, but it's just fun. There's something about the remixed music here, it's annoying, sure, but in a fun way. It's not like remixes back home where it makes it sound like the world is ending, it just it fun to hear. You just can't really hold a conversation if you're on city streets.

We finally went to the dagat (sea) in Escalante area! Yesterday was the first time I actually saw the sea from our area. Most of the work of the people out in Puting Bato is on the sea, so it was fun to finally actually go there with them.
This last week, though, President and Sister McCurdy came to Escalante to pailaila (introduce himself) to us and for Zone Interviews. They are incredibly kind people. To make comparisons, The Schmutzes were like mother and father to the mission, but the McCurdys are more like grandma and grandpa. Presdient McCurdy didn't really teach much to us, at least this first meeting, but he and sister really just expressed their love to us. Sister McCurdy talked all about their family. They have several adopted grandkids, and they have a bunch of complicated storylines, it sounds like, but she really showed that no matter about anything like that, they are really just full of love for them all. That was really mainly the theme of the meeting, I would say. It was really good. In my interview with him, he said he liked me because there was a young man in his home ward (in Twin Falls) who was a Dunford, and we looked about the same. I assured him that we were related. I told him the Dunfords are from Bloomington, and he knew people around there, too. I'm glad I can carry on the Bear Lake heritage whereever I go in this world. But the spirit of love was so strong. I can really say that I know that President has been called of God for us. There was such a great spirit there.

The Emperado family with Drixio and Ervie
Brother Walter and Sister Merlin De Jesus, our Branch mission leader. 

So I've had a little bit of a chance to go around and say some of my goodbyes to people, get my pictures with people, and do all those necessary things. It has been so good to have this time here in Escalante. I have learned so much, and I have grown so much, and I have met so many good friends. The people here are just kind. They're fun. They are loving, and I have been so blessed to be able to be here. 
The last FHE at the Ortega family house.

The Langa Family, sister Blezil and her mother, Evelyn, as well as the children. It is always good to go visit the Langa family, because they are always just so happy. They have so much love for each other, and they are so strong in this gospel. Sister Evelyn has been coming to church three weeks now, and she committed to be baptized on August 16. I just feel so strongly that their family will progress in this gospel. 
 Langas at their Balay. They have a really nice little garden. 

So for this transfer, I am going to Ayungon and my companion is Elder Castro. I am so excited for this opportunity I have this transfer. 

I love you. I love this place, and I know that wherever I am here, the people are going to be wonderful. I know some Elders who have been in Ayungon, and they've said it's amazing. I am so excited for all I can do here.


Elder Adam Dunford

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