Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 15, 2015 - Talisay, Cebu

This week has been very good. I enjoy the work that has happened this week.
Me and my companion, Elder Fuimaono! 
Charging the hill.
On Thursday, I went to the McCurdy's home to receive some preliminary training and to get paired up with my new companion. The batch of new missionaries was 10, and only 3 Elders, one was filipino and the other two poly looking. I figured my streak would have to continue and go on to my 11th filipino companion, but it was broken! Elder Fuimaono was the one chosen. 

Elder Fuimaono is from American Samoa. He is super great. He is a pretty chill guy, and a pretty big guy, which makes riding filipino transportation very fun! But he's ready to learn and ready to do be a missionary. He has a very humble and strong spirituality, which really shows in our lessons. He is here on a mission because it's the thing the Lord needs him to do, and I am so glad to be his companion. I have already learned a ton about diligence and humility, and about having fun. I am excited to learn more of these.

My Batch at General Conference!
One highlight of General Conference, the calling of a new Area Seventy, Evan A. Schmutz. That's interesting.

And I loved the talks of the First Presidency in Priesthood session. For one, I love their chemistry. Those three men form the most interesting group of men, they are very different, and they are very united. I forgot which talk it was, but the one where President Uchtdorf said that if the Lord can take a poor German refugee and take him to Church Headquarters, he can do something for you. I loved Elder Nielsen's talk. I saw Elder Nielsen on my first weekend here in the philippines, he used to be Area President here. I loved the personality of this conference. It was more bold and more needed. A lot to review and ponder.

I have seen a lot of miracles in the work. More just the guidance of the Spirit. The spirit telling me when talking to a wife of a less active that "I need to visit this family, it's time." Visiting a less active father, and seeing where we can start to help him on his way. Having specific questions be answered specifically though Scripture, through General Conference. And even you, mom, just this morning, I thought "I need to study about trust." It's somehting I want to focus on this week. I know the Lord Lives and guides us.

I love you. I talked to President McCurdy about my Jesus wound in Zone interviews this week, after he had taught us about hands. It turned out that he has a similar wound on the inside of his palm. It is interesting to see the work of the Lord in our lives.

I love you.


Elder Dunford

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