Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 1, 2015 - Talisay, Cebu

This week has been so very good. I love my companion so much. 

Happy Semana Santa! Holy week! One year ago, I was in Escalante, and Good Friday was the most scarily quiet day, as in no people. We'll see what it's like here.

Me, Bro Vergara, and Smith Cubar.

One thing that I have focused on a lot this week is the Book of Mormon. I was reflecting on it lately and thinking "I guess I should be studying a lot about Christ, the atonement, seeing as it is Easter time." But investigators and less active members and the Spirit have been driving me to teach a lot about the Book of Mormon. It really is an incredible thing. It has been on the mind of the Almighty for about 4000 years, and is specifically for YOU. We discussed it in District Meeting on Monday, and we read Jacob 4:1-4. One thing I realized as we read that is how much Jacob and everyone talks about how little they write. How little of a history, how little of their teaching, it contains. How it is very kulang (lacking). Yet we read it contains the fulness of the everlasting Gospel. How can that be? I was thingking about this, when it dawned on me, if we "compare the word to a seed," It is a very small thing. Yet within it is contained everything needed to create a full tree (gospel). What it lacks still is care. Love. Faith and work, which if you add that, the powers of God (biology for a seed/the Holy Spirit for the gospel) will turn it into an eternally full book. That was a neat little thing I learned about this week, and have thus been awhaging (exhorting) people to read it more and to use it more, cause it's powerful and stuff. 

 Our District! Sister Tuavao is going home this week. Wow.

I mentioned that I love my companion. He is the greatest. He is really truly humble and teachable, and then he goes and uses the thing he's been taught. He is truly seeking to become an even better missionary, even as he's not yet set apart. Like I never even think about the fact that he's not a full time missionary, because his actions show that he is.


Birthday activity! Elder Tu'ineau, and I am holding a puso, or a woven coconut frond rice receptacle.

We have been doing a lot of finding investigators this last few weeks. And this week, we found even more people who are super prepared by the hand of God. Just yesterday, we followed up on an FTE to a woman whose neighbors are all active in different churches, about 6 or 7 different churches are represented in her friends. Yet she claims no religion, because as she has listened to their messages and things, she only feels as though she "lacks wisdom" to make a proper decision. We told her of James 1:5, which she excitedly wrote down, and taught her to ask of God of the truth, and she was really excited to try this. So long story short, we taught Joseph Smith, except in the form of a single mother. I'll follow up on that for you next week and see how that goes.

Girls flying kites over the sunset. There are a TON of kids flying kites the last few weeks, as in everywhere, kids just make kites out of plastic bags and send them skyward. 

The work is good. I love this work. I know the Lord has a real purpose for me, Adam Dunford. And I know that I'm not alone. Each one of us has a purpose, and we must seek that. If we do what is good, we will find His purpose for us.


Elder Dunford

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