Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 14, 2015 - Ayungon, Negros Oriental

 Riding home from District meeting. Going to district meeting, it took us 3 different forms of transportation to get to Bais.

Elder Pascua on the Romano Road.
It's transfer week, and I'm going home!

Home to Talisay City, Cebu! My first ward, Lawaan, was split in two in the time I've been on Negros, and I'm serving now in the opposite side of the ward, in Linao. My companion will be Elder Tolentino, who I do not yet know. But I'm so excited to be able to fulfill my purpose in Talisay!

We truly have seen conversion in the Gospel. Our IBD, sister Sheila, is such a choice spirit of our Heavenly Father. She is waiting for her daughter to call, so that she can tell her straight that she's being baptised, and yesterday, she shared with us that she doesn't care if her daughter doesn't support her. If she stops sending money. Sheila said, she was able to work and support herself and a family before in her life, and she can do it now if she has to. But whether her daughter gives permission or not, she will be baptised, she told us. That being said, her date has been pushed back until February14, because she really feels more comfortable that she can talk to her daughter. 

Brother Francis, our companion every day visiting sister Sheila, Sister Sheila, me and Elder Pascua. Sheila's baptismal date has been set for next month. But she is so incredibly prepared to receive a new birth.

Pastor and Fabillar family.

This week, we had some great things happen. We have seen a huge improvement in the work of the members with us. The Branch missionaries are seeking out their chances to do New Member Lessons, which is great, because we've seen some struggles with our recent convert families. But one Branch Missionary couple, the Aspacios, have worked with us with several of their neighbors, both member and not, and they have such a great spirit! I have felt so great their love for the Lord.

I am so haapy for the time I've had to serve in Ayungon. To serve the people here. I have met so many true saints of God. People who have seen a mighty change of heart and only wish to help others come closer to Christ. I talked to a few little old ladies sitting along the Highway in Anibong a few weeks ago, and I loved what They said. They said the Lord love Barangay Anibong. I know this is true. Ayungon is a paradise.

On the top of Ayungon. We got a referral of a member who lives up the hill a ways, and we gladly took the opportunity to go visit him.

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