Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 31, 2014 - Ayungon, Negros Oriental

So this week has been another odd week! I thoroughly enjoy the holiday season and all, but I'll be glad to have things going back to a nice mission-appropriate level of normalness. From last Wednesday until now, I feel like I've hardly been in Ayungon! Last wednesday we were in Tanjay Caroling. I've got some good pictures from that. On thursday was the call. That was nice. i REALLY LIKED THE OPPORTUNITY TO TALK TO YOU ALL, AND EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ALL EMOTIONAL AND THINGS, I really liked it.
The caps lock got turned on, but I don't feel like typing that again. Besides, I think it matches.

On Saturday, We had a baptismal interview for Sheila. She is being baptised on Saturday! I told you about her in the call. We just knocked on the door of Sister Sheila in October, looking for someone else's house, and we found someone who needed the gospel. Looking back on it now, she keeps saying "Oh, when you showed up at my door, I though 'here's more people to preach at me' I didn't want to listen, but when I learned about this, I understand it. All my life I'm gone to other churches, but here I understand it." On this is built her testimony, and it is a strong rock. She's received some flak about being baptised, and received a bit of opposition from a sort of sources, but this she knows, that this gospel is true. And now, even before being baptised, she's always the first one there at church in the morning, she shakes everyone's hands and comes to events, everyone's thought she was already a member. I love sister Sheila, and I know she will help many souls come closer to the love of Jesus Christ.
On Monday, we worked in Amlan with the Zone Leaders. That was fun. I worked with Elder Martinez, from Spanish Fork. He's super cool, and we're going to be utah valley buddies after the mission.
And Yesterday, we were in Amlan again, at the Austin's house! There we watched Frozen with all of Tanjay and Valencia Zones. We ate pancakes, had a gift exchange, in which I put in a bag of peanuts, and slept in Tanjay last night. Tanjay was fun, there were plenty of fireworks and noise. It was very loud, rather than your New Year's eve, dad. 

And Today, I am now one year in the mission. Wow.
I love you, family. I loved being able to call you and see you. I loved hearing your testimonies and feeling the love you truly have. I know that you are blessed for your faith. And if we need more blessings, we can always trust in the Lord. Take a little bigger leap of faith. If we do that, He will not just catch us, but raise us up.

Elder Dunford

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