Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014 - Escalante City, Negros Occidental

Early morning basketball
This week has been extremely fast! 

So this last week was Semana Santos, or Holy week! So really starting on Thursday, places started closing up shop in celebration. There were no live crucifixions in Escalante, but everyone was just inside watching the TV broadcasts of masses and stuff.  But really, though, Easter Sunday was very nice, we had a couple of meals with members, but it wasn't really super special. When you live every day with your purpose being testifying of Him, it's not all that different, I guess. 
On Friday, we planned to go to Lopa. But it being Good Friday, the city of Escalante was dead. An absolute Ghost town. So the normal sakay (ride, meaning tricyle) to Lopa was not running, but we found a guy who said he was going out there. So we got on and started riding out till we passed the street to go out there, with no sign of stopping. We asked the driver what way he was going, we're going to Lopa, and he said Lopa? No, we're going to 5 Star! None of us had any idea where that was, and since we were already well out of town, we decided we would just start walking the way to Lopa, having faith that a motor would pass. Some did, but they did not give us a ride. So we ended up walking to Gaway-Gaway, which isn't quite as far, but is still quite a ways out, and taught these less-active sisters, Grace and May Ann, who were very happy to see us, and ended up coming to church on Sunday. So while we did put our faith in an unfounded hope, it was a fruitful labor and a beautiful walk though the country side. 

 This entire area is littered with these cool, porous volcanic rocks. This place is so cool.
There was one point where we were on the top of this ridge looking over the entire place. I'm sorry, I know I need to take more pictures of people and all, but this place is truly glorious.

The schoolhouse at Gaway-Gaway.
So on Monday, we moved apartments! We no longer live at the Habitat, we now live at this house in Escalante Proper! (Most everyone in our zones needed new houses because of such issues as no running water or serious infestations, but our house was pretty much fine in that way, it was actually pretty nice.  Oh well.) We live now with Elders Jamil and Laguindino from Old Escalante, so I'm the only American! I will now learn Visaya very quickly, or at least I'd better.

Church building in Escalante - notice electric pole

Sitio (neighborhood) Green Field, across the street from the church.
We've been trying to work more with FTEing, so talking to people more. Elder Cantago is a bit more reserved, at least in that he's not Elder Gama, who would just walk up to Americans to start talking to them. So that makes two of us who aren't really talking to people much, at least not as much as we need to be. And since I'm the one who needs to be learning how to do this, I'm trying to talk to people more. Well, at least I'm thinking about talking to people more. But it truly is good to testify of our Lord, Jesus Christ and that he has a way for you. We've taught Plan of Salvation several times lately. I know that God does have a plan for us, and that we can follow this plan if we follow him, and that this will be best for us.

Leonardo and Elder Cantago at the Sabordo's house. Sister Sabordo is a less active member, though she has been coming to church. She has two little boys, but her husband isn't around anymore, but she's really nice. Her boys are always kind of saba (loud) and distracting, but they usually calm down. We've taught her a lot about being a good example for her kids and teaching them well in their youth. The other day I really testified of this, that they may be loud and not listening and all now, but I know that they will remember the things you teach them. They may not remember every little instance, but they will remember the spirit that is taught. The love that is felt. And this will be good for them.

 I think it's harvest season for the sugar cane, so every night there's fields being burned. It's slash-and-burn agrigulture, and the allegory of the Olive tree all in one!
Another sunset from Washington
 I am praying for you always. 

I love you. 

Elder Adam Dunford

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