Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 15, 2015 - Toledo City, Cebu

           A fine establishment 

I have discussed with President McCurdy, and finalised plans. My mission is to be extended one transfer, putting my release date on January 28 (likely to fly home on January 27, 2016. A fine date for the occasion, if you ask me.) 

I let my batch know concerning this, and so some missionaries started asking me why I wanted to extend. I want to share my answer to this question, so that you too may know.

           Elder Obero, Elder Consigna, Sister Linao and Sister Lavelua, at a Zone Activity. Played frisbee at the sports oval in Balamban.

I don't want to extend. I am not staying here in Cebu because I want to. The reason that I am is because the thought entered my mind one night, after a week or so of pondering and denying the idea a little, I made it a point of prayer. And I have received an answer that my mission should be extended. That is my reason.

        Our beautiful area, and my beautiful companion, picking off sticker weed things.

To answer Dad's question, this probably means I'll have one more area. Missionaries very rarely stay in an area over 6 months in Cebu Mission. I don't know where I am to go, but a real proper City area may be in order. It's funny though, just this morning in my studies, I've learned that I need to stay in the moment more, rather than looking forward too much. 

Concerning work this week: It is good. Our IBD came to Church! Yaya! Way to go sister Niecel!

Yesterday, we were walking around an area, when we passed a guy making a giant stack of wood to become charcoal. We talked to him and his wife, and he was real interesting. Elder Consigna stepped up on a piece of wood so that he was a little taller than me, and started testifying and teaching and preaching principles of the Restored gospel to these folks. He had the coolest spirit of prophecy about him: Speaking the word of God to the folks who need it. My companion is so good.

               Silly cow!   

I love this work, and I love you.

Elder Dunford

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