Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October 28, 2014 - Ayungon, Negros Oriental

The Bindoy Branch missionary force, including Elder Wayne! The new companion of Elder Rowley, he is fresh from the MTC.  The word I would use to describe Elder Wayne would be "swell." He is a very happy individual, and really just wants to show it to the world. He is really talkative, and is really friendly. He is literally the perfect new missionary, the archetype of good. 

Halloween doesn't seem to be quite as big a thing here, though there is a bit of purple and orange going around. But the main attraction seems to be the actual All Saint's Day activities, they do a bit of praying for the ancestors and things. But we've already seen a few places some Christmas lights coming up, which makes me happy to see. 

The Pastor family, including daughters and grandkids.
Here's us after District meeting.
I really just want to tell about my friend Mori this week. Mori, from BYU, who's serving in Santa Rosa, Calif. We've been emailing a little bit, and I just really liked what he told me last week. He always had the world's best attitude about everything, and I remembered that a bit when he emailed me. About how at first times are rough a bit, but when it comes down to it, "this missionary work is awesome!" It's fun, and it's good, and there really are miracles to be seen every day. So this week I've been trying to follow Mori's example. I've been trying to be more upbeat and happy about things, and it has had a good effect. Our new Zone Leader also said something to that effect, a saying that's gone around the mission that exact obedience + positive attitude = pure happiness. So I'll start really trying that out, because I've been needing something to try.
I love you always.
Elder Dunford

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